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Coarse Fishing at Bron Eifion

Bron Eifion Coarse Fishing lake during the summer - featured in Angling Times and The Anglers Mail

The 6 acre Coarse Lake at Bron Eifion is classed as a commercial fishery featured
regularly on TV and in National Fishing Magazines

It has a reputation of being one of the most densely stocked lakes in Wales and the North West region.

In July 2004 Bron Eifion hosted an International match between Wales and Scotland and can boast to being the first commercial fishery in Wales to host such an event.

Bron Eifion is also the first fishery in Wales to be honoured with the title of "Centre of Excellence" by the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers (WFCA) in the year 2008.

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Click the icon above to view a video of the Celtic Youth Angling Cup 2008 Wales v Scotland, held at Bron Eifion

star2006 Junior International Wales v Scotland star
star2007 Celtic Cup Wales, Scotland and Ireland star
star2008 Junior Celtic Cup star
star2008 Centre of Excellence Walesstar
star2 Tonnes of fish weighed in two 3-hour matches at the Celtic Cup 2007star
starLake record: 27lbs star

Bron Eifion's lakes are established old Estate Lakes -- not just holes in a field -- and are full of natural feed for the fish. They are surrounded by mature woodland - a peaceful and relaxing setting to spend the day's fishing.

We cater for a wide variety of anglers from the total novice to the experienced matchman and from the specimen hunter to the pleasure angler.

Common and Mirror Carp (20lbs+) F1 Hybrid Carp (Champagne Carp)
Crucian Carp Ghost Carp Ghost Koi Carp Tench Bream
Golden Orf Blue Orf Roach Gudgeon Chub Barbel

Adults £8 Juniors (Under 16) £6.50
O.A.P. £6.50 Disabled £6.50 Evening £5

The teams at the Wales v Scotland International Match held at Bron Eifion Fishing Lakes
Coarse fishing at bron eifion
Coarse fishing at Bron Eifion

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An excellent catch, just before dusk at Bron Eifion
Course Fishing at Bron Eifion
We cater for anglers of all ages and experience

The Coarse Lake is open for fishing from 8am until Dusk
Please pay before starting to fish
Barbless hooks only
No keepnets
You may only use Bron Eifion feeder pellets. No other feeder pellets allowed
Do not loose feed boillies - hair rig method or p.v.a. bags only
Please put you rubbish in the bins provided and keep your pegs tidy at all times
No artificial baits
No particles - cooked hemp and corn allowed
Please use your handnets to land fish
Please do not put the fish directly on the ground, especially on hard rugged surface.
Either keep the fish in the handnet to remove the hook or use a carp mat
Please do not carry fish from one peg to another and do not lift the fish above knee level
Never leave your rods unattended in the swim
Please respect other anglers
These rules are to protect the welfare of the fish wildlife and other anglers.
Random checks will be carried out throughout the day.

An wonderful day fishing at Bron Eifion
Fishing at Bron Eifion
A lakeside view of anglers at Bron Eifion
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